You’re Connected to The World Via Social Media

Scenario of social interaction

Scenario of social interaction has undergone an elevation during the past few years. Local Area network (LAN) has given boost to the direct communication through internet on the computers that led to the development of social media that has made social interaction much easier than ever before. In other words, the contemporary world is now connected 24/7 because of valued contribution of the social media. Many big service providers have made their place in the social media industry and attracted millions of followers to interact on their site; Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the popular ones. is also an upcoming channel to the social media interaction signed up by many global members.

Famous personalities to follow on social media

People sign up social media sites not only for interaction with their friends or groups but with the purpose of perceiving ideas of top media icons and Mark Dubowitz is the one having followers from many parts of the world. Mark Dubowitz, an expert on security issues, like Iran’s global network which included the regime’s missile, terrorist, nuclear & cyber-attack on the United States and its associate countries. The governments seek guidance from his published ideas in formulating defense plans.

How social media has benefitted the world?

Social media has contributed the world with pooling of ideas from people with difference of opinion on any issue to determine how majority of population think about any issue of general interest. Many people are even addict to the use of a social media without fail. Social media has become the source of global knowledge on matters like health, economics, business, politics, careers, and many other issues targeting the general population and thus, more and more people are following the social media.