The National Nutrition Is Booming In Canada

National nutrition is one of the most important aspects to be pondered upon in the present times.  Various supplements which have high nutritional value are used as basic alternatives to the regular diet such as vitamins and minerals, food rich in fibre and other necessary constituents required for the human body. There were various surveys done among which one was an instance where the residents of Canada who were one or older than a year were asked as to how they supplemented their diet as per consumption.

Components of a nutritional supplement

As per the health department of Canada, a balanced meal which is healthy can provide with all the essential nutrients required for the human body. Supplements Canada is booming in the market and is highly recommended for over and above the age of 50 mostly.


Usage of supplements rich in nutrition is a practice which is common as an everyday task for the Canadians. Nearly half the population of the country aged one year or one and a half year are under the usage of at least one kind of supplement.

Example of a supplement and its usage

Glucosmart is one of the most commonly used supplements for young aged infants and children which is popular in the marketplace as well.  Younger children and infants ranging from the age of 1-3 years of age and from 4-8 year of age are more prone to consume nutritional supplements.  However, this was not the scenario in case of the teenagers and the adolescent groups. The ratio is far too less in their cases. Teenagers ranging in between the age group of 14-18 years of age use nutritional supplements which are bare minimum or at times negligible. The ratio of its decrease is near about the same in case of both the sexes. These supplements are devoid of any side effects and they are equally high in nutrition as the other natural components.