The Big Diabetes Lie – A Journal for Betterment of Your Health

A huge number of deaths occur each year due to the killer disease, Diabetes.The disease has various categories Type 1, 2 and gestational type. The book, The Big Diabetes Lie aims to bring forth the faults of the medical system. The patients are being advised life-long medicines, in fear of the disease relapsing.

Complications of the disease

The disease makes the patient crippled with fear. There are many things as suggested by doctors, that the patient has to abstain from consuming. This constant fear of eating the so-called poisonous food causes constant worries for the sufferer. And also, the link-up of the disease to other ferocious diseases create mental unrest. Examples are eye complications, heart issues,and loss of hearing, neuropathy and a few more.

The Big Diabetes Lie Reviews

What does the Big Diabetes Lie Review say?

According to the review, the disease is not to be feared. The disease is completely curable as suggested by the team of nutritionists and medics. One of them being the well-known Max Sidorov. The book aims at reversing the disease through dietary changes. The main base of the disease is the presence of LTB4 molecule which causes insulin resistance.

The book assures that a 30-day program will cure the disease. Proper scientific reasoning follows all suggestions made in the book. The science of all food items is enlisted.Sidorov suggests proper dietary habits to the reader.

The Big Diabetes Lie Reviews are stated on various sites.All these reviews aim to open up the pros and cons of the disease in front of the world at large. It has been published to create a more informed set of population. The pros of the book were, that is a detailed guide. Scientific explanations accompany all the treatment modes. The treatments are easily followed without any hassles. They even have a refund policy, if you do not get the desired results.

The biggest and the only stumbling block for this book is that it does not have any approval from FDA. Also, the readability score of the book is a bit low; it has been pointed by many.