Concept behind the Working of a Wireless Doorbell

Before you go to buy wireless doorbell for your home, you must understand the working of a doorbell. Don’t worry, we are not getting into technical details but understand the basic concept behind the working of the bell.

Most wireless devices communicate through radio signals. Similarly, the doorbell concept lies on the radio waves emitted by the transmitter (handheld device) to the other receiver. The signal is finally decoded and create sound o the chime.

The push button acts as the transmitter and the chime as receiver. Wireless doorbells come in two parts, transmitter and receiver). Often there is a facility where you can buy more than one push button (not all brands offer this facility or the chime is you need to install the devices for more than one place but within range.

wireless doorbells

The push button is installed outside the house or working area and the chime which is the handheld unit is placed anywhere in the premises where the range works. If more than one push buttons or chime are bought, they can play separate roles but all within the range.

How does it work? When the transmitter button is pressed, radio waves will be transmitted in the range (generally the range is between 100-300 ft). Wherever the handheld device is, it will ring as the circuit is complete.

The most common question asked is, “Do these doorbells interfere with the Wi-Fi facility?” the answer is no. Generally the frequency on which wireless device is working is quite less in doorbell and as the frequency is different, there is no chance of interference.

Few famous companies and the models known for best wireless doorbells are:

1.      Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium

2.      Heath/Zenith SL-6164-B Wireless Kit with 64 Tunes

3.      Honeywell RCWL250A1006/N Decor Wireless doorbells

4.      Honeywell RCWL3503A1000/N Decor Wireless doorbells