Basic rules for corn hole game

Basic rules

Cornhole game is the best game which can be played at the backyard parties. It is the game which needs the minimum number of skills and even kids can easily play and learn the game. Itonly needs a good amount of patent and a good aim to win the game. There are certainsimple steps for playing the game. First of all you need to place the wooden boards on the flatsurface. It can beeither the lawn or theconcretepavements; you shouldmake sure that yousituatethe platform on the flat surface so that it balances. It should be done so that no confusion occurs as the board is already tilted at almost 12 inches from the ground.

corn hole

You should make sure that the holes are set almost 33 feetapart from each other. It can be made easier by keeping the distance between the front lines at almost 27 feet and then theboard istobe placed facing each other. Then you need to stand next to the board and across your teammate. Most of thelawn games explainthat you should stand with your teammate and thus the cornhole rules needs you to stands across teammate and opponent. Make sure that you are standing on the same side facing each other.


Both the teams get the 4 corn bags and of same color. Youand the teammate will get the bag with same color and the opponent will get of another color. You should decide that which side gets throw first. It can bedoneeither by flipping the coin or by playing rock apparel scissors. Both of them are quick ways of deciding the turn for the game. Both the players turnpitchingcorn bags. The game is in inningsi.e. turns.