A Revolution in Diamond Jewelry Brought About By Moti Ferder

Moti Ferder is a very popular name in the world of Diamonds business. The CEO and Design Director of the Lugano Diamonds has made quite a name for himself in a reasonably short period of time considering the humble background from where he started. Today Lugano Diamonds can easily be said to be the leader in manufacturing the most elite class of diamond jewellery across the planet.

The Journey of Moti Ferder

Moti Ferder started with the small family business that he had in Antwerp. Ferder started as a diamond cutter and then moved to Serbia where he managed diamond mines. But someone of his calibre and talent with such unique vision for designing diamonds, it was not very hard to get noticed.

Ferder started with designing diamond jewellery in such a manner which was never seen before. The uniqueness was what caught the eyes of many. And from there his journey to fame started. He founded his own company named Craft Diamonds which attained lots of praise and earned him a lot of respect and popularity.

Introduction to Lugano Diamonds

From there Ferder jumped into Lugano Diamonds. The most important characteristic that one may point out as far as Lugano Diamonds is concerned is the exclusivity that the company offers. The company prides itself in providing its clients with all the attention and time that the employees of the company can offer.

An order may even take up to over a year to be completed. But the clients are never given the opportunity to complain as flawlessness is what is promised to them for their patients.  Ferder is himself in charge of the designing of the diamonds and offers the rarest of diamonds from all over the globe to be crafted into the jewellery as per the demands of the clients.

Moti Ferder and his team of a dozen or so people have brought about a revolution in the field of diamond jewellery and the celebrated clients are not getting enough of it.